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At R&M Management, we are your premier choice for high-quality property maintenance services throughout Endicott, Endwell, Vestal, Apalachin and Johnson City, NY. If you are looking for property rentals, check here or contact us today!

Property Showings

Property ShowingWe personally market all of our own properties. Our properties are advertised locally and online. Applicants can apply in our office or by email.

Management Agreement

For every property that we manage and maintain, we write a specific management contract based on your needs and requirements. We listen to you and work to meet your goals.

Accounting and Reporting Services

  • Account Reconciliations
  • Disbursement Reports
  • General Ledger Reports including income and expense reports
  • Rent Rolls
  • Delinquent Reports
  • Site Inspections with photographs

Rent Collection

Rents and Fees

In addition to collecting rent, we also collect the following:

  • Late Fees
  • Insufficient Fund Fee
  • Refer to Collection
  • Damages
  • Laundry Income

Tenant Screening

We want to make the best possible match within the shortest time frame possible. We pre-screen our applicants by utilizing proven screening methods including credit reports and reference checks. We also verify information with the tenant's previous landlord such as:

  • Was the rent/mortgage paid as agreed?
  • What was the condition of the apartment when vacated?
  • Was the proper notice given to vacate?
  • Were there any complaints about the tenant from the landlord or neighbors?


  • 24-hour on-call emergency service
  • Computerized maintenance call logs and records
  • Scheduled on-site repair and maintenance through internal work order system
  • Contractor service obtained, screened and monitored for performance

Emergency Maintenance: An emergency is a situation, often dangerous, which arises suddenly and calls for prompt action.

In apartments, there are generally two types of emergencies: those requiring an immediate response due to danger to life or property, and those which are major inconveniences that should be handled as soon as possible. In an emergency, you should call the appropriate Emergency Services if necessary and then call the office immediately. If you are unable to speak to someone personally, dial the emergency number and leave a message. If you do not receive a response within a reasonable amount of time, please call back.

General Maintenance: Problems may arise, which are important and cause a major inconvenience, but no immediate danger to life or property. These calls will be assigned to the appropriate repair person as soon as possible.

Please remember that we must sometimes call independent contracting services to handle these calls and that they have customers as well.

Non-urgent maintenance calls may be reported during normal business hours or by email 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Apartment Rentals

St. Regis Apartments


St. Regis Apartments

902-904 Hooper Road
950-960 Northwood Dr
Endwell, NY
Please call 607-748-6017

Elegant 1 & 2 Bedrooms, Large Living Rooms with Fireplaces, Balconies, Storage, Laundry

Apartment For Rent

Bornt Hill Apartments


Bornt Hill Apartments

207 Bornt Hill Rd
Endicott, NY
Please call 607-748-6017

Secluded, Modern, Executive 2 Bedrooms, Spacious Living Rooms, Balconies, Storage, Laundry

Bornt Hill Apartment Rental

Village West Apartments


Village West Apartments

400 E Main Street
Endicott, NY
Please call 607-748-6017

Contemporary 1 & 2 Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Screened Balconies, Storage, Laundry, Courtyard

Interior of Apartment

Village West Apartments


Holland House Apartments

1629 Genesee St
Utica, NY
Please call 607-748-6017

Modern 1 & 2 Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Balconies, Storage, Laundry, Security, Courtyard

Fully furnished 1& 2 Bedroom apartments available with all amenities including appliances, pots, pans, dishes, silverware, linens, microwave, basic cable TV, phone and DSL internet service.

Apartment Rental Space

Gary Lynn Apartments


Gary Lynn Apartments

8670 & 8694 State Rte 434
Apalachin, NY
Please call 607-748-6017

Modern 2 Bedrooms, Large Eat-in Kitchens, Balconies, Storage, Laundry, Security

Rental Home

Konoinia Park


Konoinia Park

6068 State Rte 434
Buildings A, B, C, D
Apalachin, NY
Please call 607-748-6017

1 & 2 Bedrooms, Modern Open Floor Plan, Large Eat-in Kitchens, Laundry, Private Setting

Rental Home

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